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Siapa yang suka tengok cartoon Dora The Explorer? Jawab on behalf of anak² lah yerp...hehehe...A...

Nickelodeon presents Dora and Friends: Into the City

Siapa yang suka tengok cartoon Dora The Explorer? Jawab on behalf of anak² lah yerp...hehehe...Aku mengaku yang aku layan cartoon Dora The Explorer ni. Sebab bukan sekadar cartoon biasa. Tapi banyak bagi pengajaran jugak kat anak². Kiranya sambil tengok cartoon sambil anak² boleh belajar. Educational cartoon gittew kan.

Nak tau tak, Dora skang ni dah besar tau. Kalau sebelum ni Dora The Explorer mesti dengan Booth the Monkey dia yang comel tu. Pastu tak habis² kena kacau dengan Swiper si pencuri..."Swiper, jangan mencuri...swiper jangan mencuri'...hahaha...Dora yang dulu bukan Dora yang sekarang. Dora yang sekarang dah besar. Dora dah ada kawan² baru.

Nickelodeon presents Dora and Friends: Into the City, a brand-new animated preschool series starring the world’s most beloved explorer in new adventures, with new friends and a new interactive curriculum, premiering on Monday, 16 March at 10am on Nickelodeon (Astro Ch 612) and Monday, 23 March at 11.35am on Nick Jr. (HyppTV 552). Save the date ok.

Jom berkenalan dengan Dora kawan² baru Dora.

Dora - Is a natural leader and problem-solver who takes on challenges with enthusiasm and confidence, using each one as an opportunity to discover new things about her city and her friends.
Kate – an avid reader who is dramatic and artistic 
Naiya – an intellectual who excels at maths and science
Emma – an accomplished musician with a drive to be the best
Alana – an athletic, confident soccer player and animal lover
Pablo – a smart, playful, energetic athlete and explorer

Dora and Friends: Into the City! expands on Dora’s legacy of being a compassionate leader, friend and role model, in a setting where she can have dynamic peer relationships and experience the world around her in new and exciting ways, Pre-schoolers will explore with their favourite pal Dora and her new friends while developing interpersonal skills and a sense of community that will help them navigate new social situations like starting school and making friends.

Dora and her friends set off on magical and real-life adventures. During each expedition, Dora uses Map App on her smartphone and her magical charm bracelet to navigate the city and overcome obstacles. Dora continues to be a good friend, leader, and problem-solver with a group of new friends – Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana and Pablo – who share her passion for learning and exploring.

Last but not least. Aku dah boleh gang dengan Dora sebab aku ada charm bracelet ni. Tak dapat PANDORA, dapat DORA CHARM BRACELET pon dah happy. PANDORA = DORA tu ada gak persamaan. Siap ada USB tu. Ko ada...hehehehe...Cute kan. Thanks ‪#‎Nickelodeon‬. 

Dapatkan maklumat dengan lebih lanjut [DISINI]. Kalau nak tau maklumat lanjut mengenai NICKELODEON ASIA, boleh visit []

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